Plastic Lined Valves

By combining the strength and shock resistance of metal with the corrosion resistance of plastic, KDVs range of plastic lined valves provide safe and dependable operation in the most demanding applications.


In addition to corrosive applications, KDVs plastic lined valves are used in processes where high purity is critical:



Demineralised water systems

Flexible Construction Materials

Variables including the composition and temperature of line media and environmental conditions are critical factors in the correct specification of a valve. KDV offers a broad range of material options to cater for very specific process conditions:

Body/Top works metals

Valve internals

Lining materials

Exterior coatings

Plastic Lined Diaphragm Valves

KDVs Plastic Lined Weir Type Diaphragm Valves can be specified to suit the most demanding service applications.

A wide selection of body, bonnet, handwheel and diaphragm materials - and external coatings - provide reliable service with corrosive media and protection for the valve in the harshest environmental conditions

Plastic Lined WT Diaphragm Valve
Plastic Lined ST Diaphragm Valve
Plastic Lined Diaphragm Valve Brochure

Operator Options

• Rising Handwheel

• Non-Rising Handwheel

• Pneumatic/Electric Actuation


• 1 Piece Reinforced elastomer

• 2 Piece Elastomer/PTFE*

• 3 Piece TFM/PVDF/ Elastomer*


Face To Face Standards

• EN558-1 Series 7(BS5156)

• EN558-1 Series 1(DIN3202-F1)

• MSS SP88-1993-(R-01)

Flange Drilling Standards

• ANSI B16.5 Class#125 & 150

• EN1092 PN10/16 (BS4504)

• AS2129-2000 Table D/E (BS10 1962)

• JIS B2220

Design Standard

• EN13397-2001(BS5156:1985)

• MSS SP-88 (1993-(R01)

Testing Standard

• EN12266-2 2002 (BS6755 Part 1)


*Weir Type only

Plastic Lined Butterfly Valves

KDVs 2 piece, full bore 80 Series valve is designed  to provide trouble free, safe service.


Internal features include 3mm(+) lining, virgin PTFE seat seals for tight shut off, chevron cap and cone stem packing for stem sealing integrity and a dovetail groove to lock the lining in place.

Plastic Lined Butterfly Valve

Operator Options

• Lever

• Gearbox

• Rack & Pinion Actuator

Face To Face Standards

• ASME B16.10

Design Standard

• HG/T3704

Testing Standard

• API 598


Plastic Lined Ball/Plug Valves

Stainless Steel Plastic Lined Ball Valve
Plastic Lined Plug Valve

Our Plastic Lined Ball Valve range features a split body for ease of maintenance, integral ball and stem, PTFE seat seals and a dovetail lining lock.

As with our entire plastic lined range, these valves are not affected by mechanical or  thermal shock and provide excellent performance over a wide temperature curve.

Operator Options

• Lever

• Gearbox

• Rack & Pinion Actuator

Flange Drilling Standards

• ANSI B16.5 Class 125 & 150

• EN1092 (PN10/16) (BS4504)

• JIS B2220

Face to Face

• ASME B16.10

Design Standard

• API 6D

• HG/T3704

Testing Standard

• API 598

Plastic Lined Check Valves

Plastic Lined Swing Check Valve
Plastic Lined Flanged Poppet Check Valve
Plastic Lined Wafer Poppet Check Valve

Designed for durable, high cycle performance, these valves are extremely robust and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

All wetted parts offer excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable operation and long service life in severe process conditions .

Features & Benefits

• Robust design

• Durable, high cycle performance

• Horizontal or vertical installation

Spring Options (flanged/wafer)

• PTFE Encapsulated

• Alternative materials

• Removed (floating poppet)

• Alternative pressure rated


• To suit ASME150 piping systems