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Base Chemical application

Base Chemical Industry

At the core of the engineering industry, the processing of base chemicals is a sophisticated operation that demands precision and expertise. From the treatment of chemical waste to the intricate production of Bromine, Chlor Alkali electrolysis, MDI, TDI, acids, Titanium dioxide, and fertilizers, each process is a testament to the ingenuity and technical proficiency of plant engineers. 

Understanding the complexities of these processes is crucial for maintaining efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance. Our products are engineered to provide meticulous control and enhance process efficiency. Built to endure the rigorous demands of base chemical processing, our solutions ensure that material flows are managed with utmost accuracy, maintaining the integrity of the process and the quality of the end products. 

Operational Benefits of using Lined Valves in Base Chemical processing Industry

Plastic Lined Valves: Feature exceptional corrosion resistance, essential for managing the harsh chemicals encountered in waste treatment and acid handling. 

Glass Lined Valves:  Offer a smooth, inert surface, minimizing contamination risks and maintaining the integrity of sensitive chemical flows. 

Stainless Steel Valves: Renowned for their robustness, these valves endure extreme conditions, promising enduring performance and dependability.

KDV Valve Types and Materials

Advantages of Using Lined Diaphragm Valves:   

  • Plastic, glass, and stainless steel linings address diverse chemical and temperature challenges. 
  • The linings shield the valve, prolonging its operational lifespan. 

Advantages of Using Lined Butterfly Valves:  

  • Essential for precise flow control with rapid shut-off functionality. 
  • Linings diminish the effects of wear from harsh materials. 

Advantages of Using Lined Ball Valves:  

  • Renowned for secure sealing, they are ideal for leak-sensitive applications. 
  • Linings offer extra defense against corrosive agents. 

Advantages of Using Lined Check Valves:

  • They ensure unidirectional flow, safeguarding system components. 
  • The linings are designed to minimize maintenance by combating corrosive and abrasive elements. 
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