KDV has another very happy customer after supplying 30 meters of 500mm constructed hose in less than 4 weeks. Fabricated in 9 pieces, the hose utilises integral flanges instead of backing rings. When line works are completed the hose will handle super phosphate.


The high cost and long lead time associated with replacing aging valves on their cement transport rail trucks led a client to KDV in search of an economical and timely solution.

A stainless steel KDV ball valve with specially designed flange adapters provided an exact match to the face to face dimensions of the original valves. The upgrade from cast iron to stainless steel will result in longer service life.

This DN400 KDV Knife gate valve with 2.7 Metre extension spindle is destined for a plastics manufacturing plant where it will service as a storm water isolation valve.

KDV Knife Gate valves are available from DN50 to DN2000 with a range of operators including; Non rising hand wheel, Gear Box, Chain wheel, Lever or actuator (Pneumatic, Hydraulic actuator, Electric).


OUR Melbourne HQ is undergoing big changes with a warehouse expansion (over 20,000 m2 of concrete poured), revised storage and production areas and new test equipment installed.

More updates soon!


Our international marketing team is back in Australia following a very busy week in Germany at Achema. Our products generated a lot of interest and we’re expecting to grow our international client base even further after making some great connections.


KDV has added a 3 layer Diaphragm with Titanium insert to our comprehensive range of stocked diaphragms for use with our Weir Type Diaphragm Valves.

The grade 9R is suitable for Chlorine applications and more specifically, the production of VCM (Vinyl Chloride Monomer). Chlorine has the potential to permeate the molecular structure of standard TFM/PTFE diaphragm facings, leading to corrosion of the interior of the valve.  Our new design utilizes an interlayer of PVDF between the TFM/PTFE

 facing and elastomer backing of the diaphragm.

The greater molecular density of PVDF provides an unmatched level of resistance to permeation by chlorine particles. Raising the bar even further, the connection from the diaphragm to the compressor (the insert) is made of titanium (Ti Gr.7) to improve corrosion and impact

 resistance over the standard stainless steel insert.

The Grade 9R Triple Layer Diaphragm has successfully passed rigorous in-house testing and trials at a number of sites around the world and offers the very best protection in Chlorine services. Like all KDV diaphragms it is an easy retrofit with the valve remaining in the line.


We recently sent out an order of very highly specified Weir Type diaphragm valves. Our customer is heavily engaged in chlorine services and required a valve that would provide very high internal and external corrosion resistance.

Internal corrosion protection is provided by ETFE lining and our triple layer Grade 9R diaphragm (TFM /PVDF/EPDM), fitted with a titanium insert (see news story below). Xylan coated fasteners and a stainless steel hand wheel provide excellent external protection against the harsh environmental conditions the valves will experience.


This batch of Weir Type diaphragm valves  is a part of a shipment destined for a West Australian customer for service in applications including water treatment and mineral processing.

The order consists of unlined ductile iron bodies with butyl diaphragms – and ETFE lined ductile iron bodies with PTFE diaphragms.

There are a combination of “on-off” and control valves which are fitted with ABB TZID positioners.


We’re very pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Turci as Business Development Manager for KDV Australia. Michael joins the company to further develop the growth of our regional and national accounts. He brings a wealth of knowledge gained over 20+ years in the valve and pneumatics industry in both ‘hands on’ and management roles.

Based in South Australia, Michael is a keen fitness enthusiast and dedicated family man. His uncompromising approach to customer service & product quality will ensure a great fit with the KDV team and further enhance our ability to provide and implement high quality solutions for our customers.

For any assistance with your process flow control needs, don’t hesitate to contact Michael (michael.turci@kdvflow.com) or any of the team at KDV (info@kdvflow.com)