Our Products

At KDV, we pride ourselves on crafting products that exemplify reliability and enduring performance, even in the most challenging service environments. Our comprehensive approach – encompassing meticulous design, manufacturing, assembly, rigorous testing, and dedicated service & support – is all geared towards achieving a standard of Engineered Excellence.

KDV Diaphragm Valves

KDV’s Diaphragm Valves offer excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Available in Weir and Straight-through types, made from durable materials like stainless steel,glass and PVC, ensuring versatility, longevity, and low ownership costs for industrial applications.

KDV Ball Valves

KDV Ball Valves are expertly crafted to exact standards and rigorously tested, these valves withstand temperature and pressure extremes, ensuring unparalleled reliability, performance, and long-term durability.

KDV Butterfly Valves

KDV Butterfly Valves with compact and lightweight design, suitable for low to moderate pressure applications, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse water and industrial settings.

KDV Check Valves

KDV check valves ensure reliable, unidirectional flow, essential for protecting equipment in various industries. They prevent backflow, reduce maintenance needs, and enhance system efficiency. Ideal for chemical, oil, and water processing. Choose from KDV’s range: Swing, Poppet or Dual Plate.

KDV Plastic Lined Valve

KDV’s plastic-lined valves offer unparalleled corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term durability in harsh environments. Their lightweight design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, while the non-reactive lining guarantees purity in processing, ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Cost-effective and efficient, they are a top choice for reliable fluid control solutions.

KDV Pipeline Safety

In acute corrosive process applications, valve or flange failure or can result in loss of life, injury and damage to surrounding equipment.

KDV – Actuation

KDV’s range of actuators and control accessories promises unmatched accuracy and robustness, integrating effortlessly with complex control systems to optimize valve performance and plant efficiency.