Engineered Excellence

Creating positive change with valve solutions.


Engineered Excellence

Providing Total Flow Control Solutions for decades

KDV excels in offering customized solutions for handling liquids, powders, or gases in various challenging environments. Our products are designed and tested to efficiently manage chemically aggressive, abrasive, or corrosive materials, ensuring reliability and performance in every application.

About Us

With over 40 years of engineering innovation, KDV stands as a globally recognized leader in manufacturing industrial flow control solutions. We specialize in crafting premium-grade products and accessories that are expertly designed to meet process abrasion and corrosion, setting industry standards for excellence and reliability

What's happening now

KDV Australia news - ball valves in north africa

KDV Carbon Steel Ball Valves: Your Solution for Demanding Oil & Gas Operations

February 28, 2024 • 3:13am

KDV carbon steel ball valves are actively enhancing flow control and safety in North Africa’s expanding oil and gas industry

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Diaphragm Valve for a mining company - KDV Australia

DN25 and DN50 WT Diaphragm Valves in the Test Bay for a Mining Company

February 23, 2024 • 2:29am

DN25 and DN50 WT diaphragm valves are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of mining environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you sell per pieces or bulk?


You may email us directly at to know more about your options.

You may also call us at Ph. +61 (3) 8793 4000 or Fax +61 (3) 8793 4040