WT Diaphragm Valve For Chlorine Services

Triple Layer Diaphragm Now In Stock

KDV has added a 3 layer Diaphragm with Titanium insert to our comprehensive range of stocked diaphragms for use with our Weir Type Diaphragm Valves.

The grade 9R is suitable for Chlorine applications and more specifically, the production of VCM (Vinyl Chloride Monomer). Chlorine has the potential to permeate the molecular structure of standard TFM/PTFE diaphragm facings, leading to corrosion of the interior of the valve. Our new design utilizes an interlayer of PVDF between the TFM/PTFE facing and elastomer backing of the diaphragm.

The greater molecular density of PVDF provides an unmatched level of resistance to permeation by chlorine particles. Raising the bar even further, the connection from the diaphragm to the compressor (the insert) is made of titanium (Ti Gr.7) to improve corrosion and impact resistance over the standard stainless steel insert.

The Grade 9R Triple Layer Diaphragm has successfully passed rigorous in-house testing and trials at a number of sites around the world and offers the very best protection in Chlorine services. Like all KDV diaphragms it is an easy retrofit with the valve remaining in the line.