KDV Compact actuators

KDV Compact Actuators

KDV offers a variety of compact actuators and accessories for Weir Type Diaphragm Valves. Our Applications Engineers can tailor an automation/control package to suit your specific process conditions.


  • Thermo plastic diaphragm actuator with stainless steel distance piece
  • Control air connection 90° to flow direction
  • Flexible diaphragm suspension
  • Encapsulated diaphragm
  • Available with a wide range of control equipment and accessories

487 Metal Actuator

  • Very compact, high linear thrust diaphragm actuator
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Control air connection 90° to flow direction
  • Can be operated by air or liquid
  • Encapsulated diaphragm

Type 285/485 Plastic Actuators feature a light-weight, rugged thermoplastic housing which is highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions. The range is virtually maintenance free and can be supplied with a wide variety of accessories.Type 285 can be configured as normally open or double acting while Type 485 is supplied as normally closed only.


Available to suit diaphragm valve bodies from DN15-DN100 Type 285 and 485 actuators are available from KDV as a retro fit or can be supplied as a complete valve package to your specification. KDVs Type 487 metal actuator offers extremely high linear thrust from a compact actuator – closing off against 10 bar line pressure on large diameter valves.

The Type 487 can be supplied as normally open, normally closed or double acting and be fitted with a range of optional accessories.

Ideal for installation where space is a consideration, the 487 is a fraction of the size of alternative actuator types.