KDV Electric actuators

KDV Electric Actuators

KDVs range of Rotork & Limitorque electric linear actuators provides a powered process control operator suitable for most control valve types and sizes.

  • Electrically powered.
  • High performance, continuous unrestricted modulation duty.
  • High resolution and repeatability.
  • Comparable life to pneumatic operators.
  • Optional bus interfaces available.
  • Comprehensive data-logging.
  • Watertight IP68 and explosion proof enclosures.
  • Programmable fail-to-position option.
  • Separate, double sealed terminal compartment.
  • Optional ‘Intrinsically Safe’ control & instrumentation compatible.
  • Non-intrusive setup/calibration using Blue-tooth.
  • Optional manual override.
  • Also available in Quarter-turn configuration

For simple control operations up to 25 kN KDV supplies PSL electric valve actuators.

The cover and switching mechanism design allows for a wider range of applications, more space for electronics and reduced cost.

  • Robust design
  • Long service life at high load
  • Simple adjustment
  • Centralised switching and sensor units allow easy access.