KDV Operator Options – Weir Type

Operator Options – ST

Our manual operators can be specified with optional bonnet, handwheel, spindle and compressor materials to meet demanding service requirements and hostile operating environments.

Where operational access is limited, custom extension spindles and chainwheel adaptors are available.

Optional lockout device

Rising & non-rising handwheels can be factory fitted or field retro-fitted with our proprietary lockout device. Constructed from Stainless Steel, the lockout device enables the valve to be locked in the fully open or closed position or an intermediate position.


adapted bonnet for valves in elevated positions – fitted with chain wheel, guides and chain to suit the “drop” required.

Extension Spindle

for valves in inaccessible positions – can be single straight extension or fitted with single /multiple universal joints and/or fitted with key operation for pit environment.

Stainless Steel bonnet assemblies

in Non Rising handwheel configuration for environmental corrosion applications with OH&S lockout system as an option. Larger sizes fitted with ball thrust bearing on handwheel.

Plastic bonnets and Stainless Steel/Plastic bonnets

for environmental corrosive/high temperature services.

Sliding spindle bonnet assemblies

to suit adaption to specific automation systems – cylinders, diaphragm actuators.

Spindle/Compressor material options

Compressor Spindle
Cast Iron SS304
Ductile Iron SS316
SS (CF8) SS410
SS (CF8M) SS416
Cast Iron (Halar® coated)
Ductile Iron (Halar® coated)

Chain-wheel bonnet adaptor

Kdv operators weir chain wheel

Actuated  valve with 2.7 metre extension spindle, sealed stem & custom bonnet shell breather. Used in DAF water treatment.

KDV operator weir actuated 27 meters

KDV operator weir plss

Plastic lined WT with  Xylan coated fasteners

kdv operator weir stemsealed

Stem sealed handwheel assembly with FKM O-Ring spindle seal.

kdv operators weir nylon

FBE/nylon coated rising handwheel

kdv operators weir lockable/product

Lockable rising handwheel

kdv operators weir lockable

Lockable rising handwheel