KDV - Handwheel Lockout

Handwheel Lockout

  • Complies with various State OH&S guidelines
  • Prevents unauthorized valve operation
  • Fully open, fully closed and intermediate lockout positions.
  • Designed to suit multi-lock scissor hasps and padlocks
  • Factory supplied or retro fit*
    *Twin plate style ex factory only

Kdv handwheel lockout pin style

Pin Style

  • Suitable for Rising Handwheels including solid type and new K-Seal bonnet/handwheel
  • Sizes from DN15-DN50
  • Factory supplied or retro fit
  • Manufactured in Stainless Steel

kdv hand lockout ladder

Ladder Style

  • Suitable for Rising & Non Rising Handwheels
  • Sizes from DN50-DN300
  • Factory supplied or retro fit
  • Stainless steel construction

KDv Hand Lockout

Twin Plate Style

  • Suitable for Non Rising Handwheels
  • Sizes from DN15-DN150
  • Factory installed (not suitable for field fit)
  • Cast iron shell and handwheel
  • Stainless steel construction