KDV Plastic Lined Diaphragm Valves 1

KDV Plastic Lined Diaphragm Valves

KDVs Plastic Lined Weir Type Diaphragm Valves can be specified to suit the most demanding service applications.

A wide selection of body, bonnet, handwheel and diaphragm materials – and external coatings – provide reliable service with corrosive media and protection for the valve in the harshest environmental conditions

Diaphragm Valves Plastic Lined

Plastic Lined diaphragm valves material

Operator Options

  • Rising Handwheel
  • on-Rising Handwheel
  • Pneumatic/Electric Actuation


  • 1 Piece Reinforced elastomer
  • 2 Piece Elastomer/PTFE*
  • 3 Piece TFM/PVDF/ Elastomer*

*weir type only

Face To Face Standards

  • EN558-1 Series 7(BS5156)
  • EN558-1 Series 1(DIN3202-F1)
  • MSS SP88-1993-(R-01)

Flange Drilling Standards

  • ANSI B16.5 Class#125 & 150
  • EN1092 PN10/16 (BS4504)
  • AS2129-2000 Table D/E (BS10 1962)
  • JIS B2220

Design Standard

  • EN13397-2001(BS5156:1985)
  • MSS SP-88 (1993-(R01)

Testing Standard

  • EN12266-2 2002 (BS6755 Part 1)